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Wear Your Wounds "Rust on the Gates of Heaven" (Offical Video)

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From the album "Rust on the Gates of Heaven" in stores July 12th
Pre-order now ➔ http://dthw.sh/wyw-rotgoh

➔ http://www.wearyourwounds.net
➔ http://www.deathwishinc.com

Directed by Max Moore

Such fragile things bred to the wolves.
A life of fangs oh so cruel.
Born with the need but not the want, to long for something more than blood.
Heaven looks the same from different hells.
It’s the only truth that we both know.
The wounds are theirs but the scars are ours.
To some the key, but to not all doors.
So we must answer the sirens call, to right the wrongs that we both wrote.
To be merciful with our thorns and merciless with our love.

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