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  • 02:08 Heavy Metal Landing

    Heavy Metal Landing

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    My remake of the intro to the classic 1981 movie "Heavy Metal".

  • 02:03 Heavy Metal Revisited Development Trailer

    Heavy Metal Revisited Development Trailer

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    Heavy Metal Revisited is a documentary currently in development: Directed by Evan Beloff, Produced by Frederic Bohbot, Dave & Denise Dorman The Simpsons, Futurama, Ren & Stimpy, Family Guy, The Venture Brothers and South Park all have something in common

  • 04:53 Between the Buried and Me "Astral Body" - Official Music Video

    Between the Buried and Me "Astral Body" - Official Music Video

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    The music video for Astral Body is a journey following the creator of a distant planet. During his out-of-body experience he analyzes himself and recollects the world he created and once lost. ©Metal Blade Records 2012

  • 07:06 Metal Machine Monsters

    Metal Machine Monsters

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    This piece started out with a Halloween theme and slowly morphed in to a tribute to the late Lou Reed's groundbreaking album Metal Machine Music. The album was maligned by fans and critics when it was released, but has since come to be considered the foun