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  • 02:08 Heavy Metal Landing

    Heavy Metal Landing

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    My remake of the intro to the classic 1981 movie "Heavy Metal".

  • 00:57 Retro Chrome Heavy Metal Titles

    Retro Chrome Heavy Metal Titles

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    You are looking for this cool, slick, wavy colored gradient chrome effect that was really popular in the 1980's, in sci-fi as well as in the rock and heavy metal industry. Growing up in this era, I have always been attracted to this particular text style.

  • 00:31 Heavy Metal "Are You Ready?" :30

    Heavy Metal "Are You Ready?" :30

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  • 03:42 Scrap Metal

    Scrap Metal

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    This stop-motion animated short film was created by Anthony Straus at Sheridan College. All music composed by Paul Emil Levasseur. In post-apocalyptic New York, a lone robot's only companion is a screw. But, can this unusual friendship survive the threat