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  • 03:57 MUSIC VIDEO: Matthew Wilcock / Brittle Metal Press

    MUSIC VIDEO: Matthew Wilcock / Brittle Metal Press

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    Music Video for "Brittle Metal Press" by Matthew Wilcock. From the FMK / Floating Metal Key EP. Shot on location in Toronto, Canada at Caribana 2013. Download the track for free: soundcloud.com/matthewwilcock/brittle-metal-press matthewwilcock.bandcamp.co

  • 01:51 Interface Fractures II: METAL

    Interface Fractures II: METAL

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    Audiovisual live composition ‘METAL’ originates out of understanding of contemporary world as a mutual interlacement of digital and analogue, discrete and continuous, human and machine-like (non-human), in a movement of the mind without exclusion and pola

  • 04:19 Franz Rosati - Transition Metal (Slowlight)

    Franz Rosati - Transition Metal (Slowlight)

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    Real-time video by Franz Rosati Music: Franz Rosati - Transition Metal (Black-Body Radiation, Manyfeetunder 2015)