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  • 02:11 Heavy Metal

    Heavy Metal

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    Fashion film following Miro's photo editorial for Vogue Brasil - december 2010 edition. Featuring the lovely Lovefoxxx and the CSS rockin' with Viviane Orth Images by Xandi Gam. Soundtrack: "Jager Yoga", by amazing CSS. Enjoy!

  • 00:38 Heavy Metal Luxe A.W 14

    Heavy Metal Luxe A.W 14

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    The new season sees rock chic reinvented with classic tour and biker gear reinterpreted in a collage of sophisticated textures like raffia, silks, wool, leather and calf, badged with the VIELMA brand in leather details and embroidered patches. The collect

  • 02:00 The Metal Mythologist (2015) [Director's Cut]

    The Metal Mythologist (2015) [Director's Cut]

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    "THE METAL MYTHOLOGIST" Starring ANNIE MONTGOMERY LISA KIM and GERARD SCOTT Directed by ERIC CHANG Music "Lost it to Trying" by SON LUX (Umpire Remix) Stylist CANDICE KAO Make-up & Hair ARCHANGELA CHELSEA Assistant Director TIMMY GO Logistics MATT SHERIDA

  • 04:53 Between the Buried and Me "Astral Body" - Official Music Video

    Between the Buried and Me "Astral Body" - Official Music Video

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    The music video for Astral Body is a journey following the creator of a distant planet. During his out-of-body experience he analyzes himself and recollects the world he created and once lost. ©Metal Blade Records 2012