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  • 01:04 EMPAC - Metal Recycles Forever

    EMPAC - Metal Recycles Forever

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    Promotional endless 3D transition for EMPAC's campaign »Metal Recyles Forever« Client: EMPAC - European Metal Packaging Agency: Farraday Producer: Deborah O'Grady Direction, Design, 3D Modeling, Animation: Ronny Schmidt Music & Sound Design: Jochen Mader

  • 01:04 Metal Recycles Forever Wireframe WIP

    Metal Recycles Forever Wireframe WIP

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    A wireframe version of the commercial 3D animation »Metal Recyles Forever« for EMPAC The whole 3D animation and all the transitions were created as a one-shot without any cuts or 2D-post masks. Most of the transitions make heavy use of animated NURBS. Che

  • 00:19 mikkhalaf metal logo

    mikkhalaf metal logo

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    Metal logo is an easy work I did with 3d staff. Music by : National Geographic _ Think again -Tornillo.

  • 00:15 METAL POWER


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    Short VJ Clip Music : Scissor Sisters / Invisible Light (Boys Noize Remix)

  • 04:53 Between the Buried and Me "Astral Body" - Official Music Video

    Between the Buried and Me "Astral Body" - Official Music Video

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    The music video for Astral Body is a journey following the creator of a distant planet. During his out-of-body experience he analyzes himself and recollects the world he created and once lost. ©Metal Blade Records 2012